Parkview Street Gospel Hall

234 Parkview Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ukrainian Outreach 2023 - 2024

English as Second Language (ESL) classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels held at Parkview Street Gospel Hall, 234 Parkview Street on Saturdays, 10 am to 12 noon.

Gospel Meetings with Ukrainian Translation

July 3-5, 8-12,  2024

7.30 - 8.30 pm at Best Western Hotel, Regent Ave, Winnipeg

Speakers: Eric Fowler & John Selesnic       Invitation


Gospel Series March - April 2023 Recordings (Ukrainian translation)

The Two Roads & Two Destinies Chart Ukrainian & English


Gospel Messages Ukrainian Translation

Crucifixion of Christ Ukrainian Translation  17 Sep 2023   Steve Parker

Gospel Ukrainian Translation  05 November 2023   Wayne Friesen

Gospel & Baptism Ukrainian Translation  26 Nov 2023   Andrew Ronald

Romans 5v6  Ukrainian Translation  10 December 2023   Nathan Dyck

Mark 5 Demoniac Ukrainian Translation  31 Dec 2023   Tim Gould

Acts 4v12 We Must Be Saved  14 January 2024   Ian Gibson

Salvation Ukrainian Translation 28 January 2024   John Selecnic

Repentance Ukranian Translation  25 February 2024   Derek Hofer






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